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Instead of considering the possibility of directly confronting Jack to solve the matter amicably, she is thinking of approaching the bosses (Donnellon & Margolis, 2009). Merz is of the opinion that the other team members are incompetent and she gives specific reference to Fogel.

The lawyer representing the Regulatory Affairs team, Karen Baio is of the opinion that the other personnel see her as an obstruction. She finds it difficult to work with Mukerjee, the software design manager and Merz because she cannot tolerate them. Baio does not see any significance to the president’s step to hire Merz. Bret O’Brien is also avoiding Merz because of her constant complains about the timeline. A meeting cannot be functional if there is no cooperation between the key personnel and teams. The meeting can be successful on the condition that the teams work together.

Some of the personnel in the organizations have a lot of responsibilities that are a major cause of constant complains. Such employees may view themselves as being more important or constantly complain over the excessive responsibilities under their jurisdiction. For instance, Merz is solely responsible for the profit and loss issues on IntensCare. Other responsibilities that relate to Merz include evaluating the product road-map, extending technical support to clients, advertising and pricing (Donnellon & Margolis, 2009). She uses this as a basis for downplaying the effectiveness of the other team members. If work is distributed appropriately among employees, such inconveniences will be avoided.

The key issue that raises diverse opinions is the aspect of modular design. The modular design would enable clients to tailor the system to suite their specifications or medical needs. According to Merz, IntensCare should be modular and the modulation should be initiated in the second version of the system. However,&nbsp.she is reluctant to share this thought with fellow team members. The reason for her reluctance is the fact that she is afraid that the engineering team might use her suggestion to ignore the need for modulation (Donnellon & Margolis, 2009).