prepare and submit a paper on has abstinence-only curriculum impacted sexually transmitted disease rates.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on has abstinence-only curriculum impacted sexually transmitted disease rates. A few years ago abstinence-only programs were very important to many school systems and parents who had children at those schools. These programs were brought about by parents who didn’t want their children to be taught sex education in schools. they wanted to be the ones to tell their children. Also, many Christian parents wanted their children only to know about abstinence and nothing more. They didn’t want to encourage their children to have sexual intercourse early and they wanted their children to wait until marriage. In the last 25 years or so the Congress of the United States put $1.5 billion on the abstinence-only programs and only those programs that eight principles could get funded. These principles were:

It is important to state these principles for this report because they are the basis for abstinence and provide some of the reasons why these programs didn’t work, as I will describe in other parts of the report.

To understand the impact of these programs on STDs all of the information I found talked about sex education and how it relates to whether teens stopped having early sex because of these programs. None of the studies showed that this was happening. In fact, every one of the reports I read said that these programs had failed because they didn’t stop teens. in many cases, teens that had gone through these programs were more likely to have unprotected sex.

The challenge with abstinence is that teenagers have hormones that go wild after a certain time and they think they are n love with someone and sooner or later a guy is going to talk a girl into having sex. For many teens in these programs, they have unprotected sex because no one told them what to do (other than abstinence) if this should happen. Part of the reason that I read about said that these programs fail because teens always find a way to break whatever the vow they made for abstinence. For instance, many teens think that oral or anal sex&nbsp.still being abstinence because technically it’s not “intercourse.” Since they aren’t really having intercourse then it’s okay in their minds.