Powerpoint summary on any one of leadership books with references

I need a powerpoint presenation and a bri summary on any of the books listed in the file I have uploaded. Please be sure to follow instruction and I need it by Wedendsay 10pm EST.  Presentation needs to be about 10min. Since it is a presentation I need powerpoint slides, along with a brief summary. PLEASE REPLY ONLY IF YOU CAN DO THE ASSIGNMENT AND QUALITY WORK



  • Introduction â€“ Identify the book source, author and author’s purpose in writing on this subject. In your own words, summarize the content of the book covering key points.
  • Your Feelings On This Topic â€“ Provide your opinion on the topics discussed in the book.
  • Tie-In To Class – state how the book relates to portions of the textbook – cite why the book is relevant. Be sure to utilize some terms cited in the text/class as they relate to topics in the book.  Remember you need to use at least 2 of the articles from the class – reference these in your oral presentation.