Planning, Budgeting, and Financing

Beta College is a small residential liberal arts college in Boston that enrolls approximately 500 new and transfer students per year. The total student enrollment is 2000. All first year students are required to live on campus their first year. You were hired at Beta College as the Assistant Director for Student Activities.

The Director of Student Life, to whom you report, asked you to lead the planning of the Annual Spring Fling, an event mostly attended by first year students. The Spring Fling is being held about 10 miles away from campus at the local park, and traditionally involves food, carnival activities, prizes, music, etc. There is no cost associated with booking the park, per an agreement with the city and the College.


Your supervisor has given you a budget of $10,000 but stressed the importance of saving as much as you can, so additional funds can be allocated elsewhere later in the academic semester. Students should not be charged to attend the program, but items can be sold there. Your supervisor would like for you to prepare a program budget to justify the costs associated with planning and implementing the Spring Fling, to which you will present at the next staff meeting.

Please include a table with your submission that outlines expenses and any revenue from the program.

For this assignment, please include the following in APA:

1. Title/Cover page

2. Project Summary (1-3 pages)- Include event details, budget, sponsors?, goals, table outlined for reader.

3. Table outlining expenses and any revenues from event.

4. References

If possible, include the following references:

Barr, M. J., & McClellan, G. S. (2018). Budgets and financial management in higher education. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. ISBN: 9781119287735 Goldstein, L. (2012). A guide to college & university budgeting: Foundations for institutional effectiveness (4th ed.). Washington, DC: NationalAssociation of College and University Business Officers. ISBN: 978-1-56972-007-3