Phase 1 db leadership and ethical decision-making

Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area, write that respond to the following questions with your ideas, analysis, and comments supported with application of course learning materials. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas.

Note: All character and company names are fictional and are not intended to depict any actual person or business.

For assistance with your assignment, please use Beyond the Book, Web resources, and all course materials.

Read the UWEAR and PALEDENIM scenario found below. You will first meet with the CEOs of each organization, Theresa Tramlin and Mike Miller, to help them understand their important leadership roles for the success of the merger.    


Will this work? What do we do next?

Those were just two of the questions that weighed on Theresa Tramlins mind as she walked with Mike Miller to yet another meeting. The merger between UWEAR and PALEDENIM was underway, and things had become chaotic at the office during the past week as the management teams clashed over differing policies and procedures.

I am glad that we decided to hire ALTAP Consulting for this project. Theresa said as she joined Mike on the elevator, Their experience will certainly be helpful as we try to move through this merger.

Mike looked down, hesitated slightly, and then responded, I think youre right. I have some doubts about bringing in outsiders, but they might be able to offer a perspective that we lack. I just wonder what they can really offer since they dont know our industry.

I can understand your hesitation, Mike, but I really think were making the best decision possible, Theresa responded confidently as they exited the elevator and headed down the hall to the meeting. The team has been under a lot of pressure the past couple of weeks trying to deal with this merger, and we need help. I dont know if we can do it alone any longer.

ALTAP Consulting

Can you believe it? I asked Steve Maine as he barged into your office with a huge smile on his face. We got the contract for the merger between UWEAR and PALEDENIM. Excitedly smacking the contract on your desk, he said, This is huge for our company and a big opportunity for you!

You were just promoted to the strategic manager position after spending your first 2 years as a strategic analyst. You work at a management and leadership consulting firm that specializes in corporate management training and solutions.

Maybe this will be your first real project to manage.

I want this project, Steve, you stated emphatically. Im ready for it, and I wont let you down.

What makes you think youre ready for a challenge like this so soon? Steve raised his left eyebrow, glancing uncertainly in your direction. This is a pretty high-profile project, and all eyes will be on you. Do you really think youre prepared for this?

Right now is your opportunity to win the job.

Ive had experience with projects like this before with my previous company, Steve. Do you remember the merger project I mentioned that I was in charge of for the two petroleum companies?

All right, he responds, if you think youre ready, then Im willing to put it in your hands. Lets go over the company briefs because you need to prepare for a meeting next week with the CEOs of UWEAR and PALEDENIM.


Company Name




New York City, NY



Publicly held



Theresa Tramlin


Number of Facilities

4 in the US
  (1 manufacturing plant + 3 distribution centers)


Number of Employees



Company Description

UWEAR is an upscale uniform   supply company that has been in business for over 40 years. They design,   manufacture, and supply uniforms for hotels, restaurants, resorts, and cruise   lines from around the world. UWEAR is recognized worldwide as the leading   supplier of elegant durable uniforms.


Company Name




Cincinnati, OH



Privately held



Mike Miller


Number of Facilities

1 in the United States
  (sales office and distribution center)


Number of Employees



Company Description

PALEDENIM supplies low cost denim   and coveralls to the trades industry and their main customer base is located   in the Midwestern United States. They have been in business for only 5 years   but are gaining market share rapidly due to their entry-level pricing   structure. They do not manufacture any of their products.

The Merger

After reviewing the company briefs, Steve began to discuss the merger. The two companies have decided to combine their marketing, sales, strategic analysis, human resources, and leadership teams.

This will be a challenging project.

So, my primary responsibility is going to be solving problems and resolving conflicts within and between the companies, you mention nonchalantly, as though this will be an easy task. I will work with them and propose solutions that will benefit the merger and allow the companies to more easily transition through this period.

You seem to have a handle on what needs to be done for this project, Steve nods as he heads out of your office. Ill be here to consult if you run into any issues.

After reviewing the course materials for this week, prepare your recommendations for them regarding their approaches to leading the merger. The merger is a significant change for both organizations; there is growing anxiety and uncertainty among the employees of both organizations. The goal is to complete the merger in a way that maintains employee performance and allegiance to the merged organization. Both CEOs were promoted from managerial positions, so one of your tasks is to help them understand how to distinguish the two roles.

Issues to address include, but are not limited to, the following:
How will you explain the difference between managing and leading, to set the stage to help Theresa and Mike focus on leading?  What leadership approaches will be effective in leading the merger? Include at least 3 approaches, and explain in what circumstances those approaches should be used and why.  Consider the research findings by Kabacoff (1998) that, although men and women are perceived as equally effective in leading, women tend to focus more on production, attaining results, and people, while men tend to focus on strategic planning, organization vision, and business tasks. If this is the case in this situation for Theresa and Mike, what are the implications for their leadership during the merger?   Reflect on your own experience as a leader, if not professionally, then in the community or family. With which leadership approaches are you most comfortable? What are the implications for you if you were one of the leaders in this scenario?