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It must be written in strict accordance with the instructions.


Pick your favorite song, book, drink, food, movie, TV show, social media platform, or sport. Just one, but it has to be FOREIGN( and not of your own same culture or ethnic origin. (Don’t pick the topic about China)

Tell us why you picked it. What about its culture and background influences you? How does it communicate to you about our world? How does it help you understand Intercultural Communication better today? Is our global society more balanced today in terms of an embrace of the many cultures around the world or are we still narrow and western-centric/one-sided?

Use the questions above to help you answer. Explain it according to our PPT on Intercultural Communication and some of your own insights and experience.

2 pages maximum, single-spaced, no references, no cover sheet required.

You will be graded on:

Critical thinking supporting arguments with evidence effective expression and communicationInterpret and applying masking connections between concepts

Recognizing Big Ideas with Meaning