P6 – csmt 402 | Civil Engineering homework help

CSMT 402 – Semester project report

You are to write a report (7 pages) describing your pedagogical journey and experience with P6 scheduling. Your project may also focus on the challenges, solutions and decisions taken in order to complete your semester project through-out the entire semester.  Please include as many SCREEN SHOT possible showing your progress and their related description within the text body

You report may include

§  Description of the initial group project and working with P6.

§  Your group culture/strategies

§  Your contribution/experience with P6

§  Challenges/ advantages working with P6

§  Manual scheduling vs P6 experience

§  Things you may do differently for second chance

§  Sources and References 

§  And any other pertaining information

There are a files down below have a SCREENSHOOTS of the project PLEAS USE THEM