Online nursing paper

Online nursing paper

3-4 pages APA style with references on executive summary detailed and concise

PPT slides 8-12 slides not including cover and reference! 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Propose innovative healthcare policies which could directly or indirectly impact the national or global healthcare delivery system
  • Propose policy development and advocacy
  • Create health information related public policy

Most professional organizations associated with Health IT have a section on their website related to advocacy or public policy. The intent is to review legislation and regulations that will impact the health IT industry. You are to go to one of the websites below and review the policies and position statements for a particular professional organization. Select one of the areas of concern. Assume that you have to present this organization’s position to the state representatives in Congress. Prepare the following:

1. An executive summary of the topic. This should give the information in a concise format including the reasoning behind the position of the association.  Although you may cite the information from the website, do not just copy information from a position paper. You may need to investigate other sources of information to provide facts and figures in your report. This summary should be no more than 3-4 pages. An executive summary should contain the statement of the topic tied to the mission statement of the association, key findings (where appropriate), benefits, and recommendations.

2. Create a narrated presentation that outlines your association’s position on the topic. While the presentation will include information from the executive summary, it should not be a total repetition of the executive summary. You can be creative, yet professional, in your presentation. Use visual pictures or graphs to get your point across. Provide the script for the presentation. There should be at least 8-12 slides.

AHIMA (American Health Information Management Association)

AMIA (American Medical Informatics Association)

HIMSS (Health Information and Management Systems Society)