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Promoting Evidence-Based Practice

In recent years, the implementation of evidence-based practice has been identified as a priority across nearly every nursing specialty (Prevost & Ford, 2020). In addition, nurses are increasingly accepted as essential members, and often as leaders, of the interdisciplinary health-care teams. To effectively participate and lead a health-care team, nurses must have knowledge of the most effective and reliable evidence-based approaches to care, increase their expertise in critiquing research, and apply the evidence of their findings to select optimal interventions for their patients (Prevost & Ford, 2020).

ASSIGNMENT: (Question that needs to be answered)

Identify at least five things you might do to increase your knowledge and use of evidence in your practice. What are the most significant driving and restraining forces to make this change? Would you anticipate (overt or covert) resistance to your efforts? Will you need to enlist support from others or acquire additional resources for this planned change to occur? (Examples might be administrative support, access to scholarly journals, or mentoring.)