mystery shopper

I need some assistance with these assignment. mystery shopper Thank you in advance for the help! The three travel agencies provide a wide range of services including organizing cruises, guided tours, vacations, and flights among others. However, each company has a unique offering. Although they operate in the same sector, I must admit that my experience with each of the three travel agencies was quite different. The purpose of this paper is to present a critical analysis of my experiences after visiting the three travel agencies.

Liberty Travel – when I visited Liberty Travel, the first impression I got was that of a well-established company. The office was quite big considering that it was a travel agency. There were between 50 and 60 employees in the large office that was organized in such a way that one could actually see the entire space. The employees looked motivated and welcoming. I was attended to immediately I entered the office. The employee who attended to me was very jovial, which I loved. She was very keen on listening to me and provided me with all the information that I needed. The packages they were offering were very good. I was particularly pleased to know that the company could organize personalized vacations where the customer would suggest what experiences he or she would love. However, the main weakness I found in Liberty Travel was their pricing. The company had very high prices, which I thought was over the board. If I owned the company, I would provide a variety of packages at different prices to accommodate the rich as well as the middle income people.

American Express Travel – the American Express Travel office was quite small with less than 30 employees. However, I noted that there were very many customers waiting to be served. Personally, I waited for about 10 minutes to be served, which I felt was a weakness in the company. The employees were warm and welcoming. However, they did not seem as keen with customers as I had witnessed at Liberty Travel.