Montgomery riverfront brawl: Impact of social media

Montgomery riverfront brawl: Impact of social media.

According to CNN ”

A riverboat crew member involved in a massive brawl on a popular riverfront dock in Montgomery, Alabama, said he was just doing his job when he found himself involved in the fight that gained national attention last month.

“I went to work to work, not to be in a fight or get jumped on,” Dameion Pickett, co-captain of the Harriott II, said Monday on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

“There’s a cause and effect of every situation,” he added.” ““The Montgomery Police Department acted swiftly to detain several reckless individuals for attacking a man who was doing his job,” Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed said”

The Montgomery brawl has sparked a headed race debate across the country.

This historical event has sparked debate about white superiority  and racism against black folks. How has social media impacted the discussion about race and white superiority?


Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Mass Media as a Social Institution.

It talks about how citizen surveillance has been taken on a higher level but is used to prevent crime and states that the fear instilled in the society leads to citizens giving up easily on their civil liberties and privacy, which gives the pushing forces more controlling power (Altheide).

Mass media is considered to be a social institution. A social institution is usually given a definition as an organization that is highly crucial to the socialization process. this is through providing a support system for various individuals in their struggle to become members of a larger social network (Art Silverblatt). Traditionally, social institutions such as church, government, school, and family were used to provide individuals with the knowledge and the social skills needed to successfully integrate into society. Through these institutions, people were able to learn the various things accepted and not accepted in the society, and also be able to communicate with others through various means, such as language, appearance, or actions if we were to be part of the society. In Church, through religious doctrines and beliefs, we learned how to live with one another. In school we were taught the professional ways and how to be part of the educated mass (Cristol). Through the government, we were able to learn of law and order, justice and criminalities, and the punishment of violating any of the laid down societal rules. In the family setting, more was learned including loving and caring for others, close relationships with other people, and the vital knowledge on how to live in the world with one another, that was passed down from the parents to their children through their everyday life. For a larger part of our history, these were the known institutions that educated and natured us into a society (Art Silverblatt).

At the end of the 20th Century, people are increasingly turning to the media for direction in rules and behavior in a society. Therefore media should uphold integrity and standards to promote a better society by giving truthful information.