Module 4 assignment: complete the missing areas of the

Module 4 Assignment:         Complete the missing areas of the Statement of Cash Flows for Ma and Pa Grocery as of December 31, 20XX.                          Additional Information:         Depreciation for the year was 10,000.        Cash received from the sale of investments was 8000.       Cash paid for construction of the building was 42,000.       Cash paid for dividends was 4,000.        Cash at the beginning of the year was 7,800, and at the end of the year was 61,500.    Common stock issued to retire bonds payable was 10,000.                              Ma and Pa GroceryStatement of Cash Flows-Indirect MethodFor the Year Ended 20XXCash Flows from Operating Activities:   Net Income  43,800Reconciliation of net income to net cash flows:   Depreciation   Patent Amortization 2,400 Changes in Current Assets and Current Liabilities:   Decrease in Accounts Receivable 4,000 Increase in Inventory -750 Increase in Prepaid Expenses -430 Decrease in Accounts Payable -1,200 Increase in Accrued Liabilities 380 Decrease in Income Taxes Payable -500 Net Cash Flows Provided by Operating Activities   Cash Flows from Investing Activities:   Cash received from sale of:   Investments (long-term)   Land22,000  Less: Cash Paid for construction on building   Net Cash Flows Used In Investing Activities   Cash Flows from Financing Activities:   Cash received from issuing mortgage note payable 12,000 Less: Cash paid for dividends   Net Cash Flows Used for Financing Activities   Increase in cash   Cash at the Beginning of the Year   Cash at the End of the Year   Schedule of Non-Cash Investing and Financing Activities:   Issued common stock to retire bonds payable