Marketing exam needs to be done due 13th.

the exam that needs to be done on this paper. here are the instructions


Access the exam from the exams folder on the left. You will need word to do this. Save the exam to your computer

2. Complete the exam by typing in the fill in the blank and short answer questions and highlighting the MC and T/F questions. Save your work as you go along. You may add lines for the short answer but do not change options on the MC questions or change the format other than adding lines. 

3. The exam is NOT timed so you may work on it a little at a time. You may use the textbook and other resources such as online resources but you must work on the exam on your own. Do not collaborate with other colleagues or students in the class. If I see that this has happened, both parties will receive a 0.

4. Do not alter the exam in any way. Do not delete MC options and leave only one. Do not change the question numbers and replace them with bullet points or renumber the questions. You may add lines if you need additional space for the short answer questions. Any exam submitted that is altered will be deleted and result in a score of 0 since this is the end of the semester.