Make sure to provide rationale and examples from sources to support your findings and recommendations.

Final Project Prompt

Fresh Price Accounting, Inc., is a well-known accounting firm that provides exceptional services to businesses and individuals but is notorious for being a difficult place to work. Employee turnover is at an all-time high and the company recently had a lawsuit filed against them for mismanagement of employees.

To improve, they’ve reached out to you, an HR consultant, to help them identify ways they can change their management of human resources. To learn more about the problems occurring, you’ve done some research by interviewing the employees that work at Fresh Price Accounting, Inc., and have discovered the following complaints made within the last calendar year:

  • More than 68% of current employees stated that there is little motivation to work harder than what is expected of them.
  • 87% of employees identified in a questionnaire that they felt they couldn’t take extended leave to care for an illness or the illness of a family member for fear they would lose their jobs.
  • 4 employees were fired shortly after incurring a disability or announcing a pregnancy.
  • 91% of the company is comprised of white males. Individuals that represent a different race, gender, speak a different language, or are not originally from the United States felt ‘unwelcomed’ and ‘misunderstood’.
  • 62% of current employees that left the company in less than 6 months cited that they felt inadequately trained for the position they were hired for.

As their HR consultant, you’ve been asked to relay the findings of your research in a brief report. The company’s executives want the report to identify the main issues experienced by the company and provide suggestions for how to make improvements. Make sure to provide rationale and examples from sources to support your findings and recommendations.

The report should be 1500 to 2000 words in length and well-researched (at least 4 sources), as it will serve as an overview of both the current human resource management practices as well as your proposed improvements. Your sources should be cited using APA format.