1. Case Study Critique

MGT 355: Case Study Critique
Instructions and Rubric
Assignment Overview
• Locate a current event article that includes an interesting view of a communication-related issue.
• Pick ONE current event or organizational situation that can be solved with the concepts from our readings and discussions.
• Summarize the appropriate communication issues, problems, and the business involved.
• Offer alternative approaches or solutions to the identified communication issue using the knowledge you gained during the first half of this course
• Use and cite the class text (Bovee & Thill, 2014); and cite the current event article you selected.
Due Date: Submit via Blackboard by 11.59 PM Friday, October 2, 2020.
Critique Report Outline
You will need to write up to three-page report. Page counts are a guide only – the length of your write-up could vary based on the communication issue identified.
• Purpose
• Outline
Current Event Summary
• Source
• Organization
• Communication Issue
Communication Issue Description
• Communication issue detailed description (connect to course – use terminology and concepts from class)
• Causes (provide support – use text)
• Consequences (provide support – use text)
Alternative Approaches
• Suggest 2 to 3 alternatives or solutions to the issue (connect to course – use terminology and concepts from class)