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Discussion #7 “The Aliens Have Landed”

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For this discussion, we’re going to reflect on Horace Miner‘s famous article on the Nacirema and think about cultural beliefs and practices.  Post the following on the Aliens Have Landed discussion board.

  1. In your first post (by Friday), pretend that you are an alien from another planet who has just landed on Earth (more specifically, the U.S. portion of the planet). You notice some weird behaviors that humans seem to do on a daily basis—and these behaviors seem perfectly normal to the humans! Tell us about one of the behaviors that you noticed, and why it seems so weird!
  2. Now, return to being yourself! Read the post of one of your alien classmates, and respond by Saturday. Explain why this behavior is normal and what purpose this behavior serves. Convince the alien that the behavior isn’t weird after all.

Always keep in mind that the best posts/responses directly incorporate specific references to course material (with citations) and specific sociological terminology.