Writing an organic critical analysis


Writing an organic critical analysis

In this entry, inter-connectedness is once again key in writing an organic critical analysis (NOT separating each piece out individually). However, what this response also requires is a strong CLAIM STATEMENT at the opening–a statement which expresses a very focused opinion on what you see as the overall message after absorbing the collection of works below.

Remember:  A CLAIM statement always answers the question: what are YOU trying to PROVE?

It is important to have a claim statement to launch your response precisely because it allows for you to articulate, in your own words and with your own genuine opinion, the singular statement you would make to synthesize and process the very eclectic mix of media below. Your IA response will then be a defense of your claim using specific references to all of the works in the set.


Videos are all in the Canvas Media Gallery:

  1. (short story) readHarrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut. Get it here: https://learning.hccs.edu/faculty/christopher.carney/engl1302/harrison-bergeron-kurt-vonnegut/harrison-bergeronLinks to an external site.
  2. (video/debate) watchSocialism vs. Capitalism
  3. (video/song) watchto“The Trees” by the band, Rush
  4. (film clip) watch“The Trial of Hank Reardon”(from the film adaptation of Ayn Rand’s novel, Atlas Shrugged)
  5. read“The Declaration of Independence”  (easy to Google this)