Assignments in first person view

Please write these 2 assignments in first person view. No need for citation. Please give me two files, the first one is a Short Paper(600-700 words); the second one is Long Discussion(450-500 words).

They are all about Art and Politics in Renaissance Florence Period

  1. Short Paper

Street corners, guild halls, government offices, and confraternity centers contained works of art that made the city of Florence a visual jewel at precisely the time of its emergence as a European cultural leader. In shared religious and secular spaces, people from the city of Florence commissioned altarpieces, chapels, buildings, textiles, all manner of objects – at home, interior spaces were animated with smaller-scale works, such as family portraits, birth trays, decorated pieces of furniture, all of which relied on patrons, artists, and audiences working with the beauty and power of sensory experience. Like people all over Europe, viewers believed in the power of images, and they shared an understanding of the persuasiveness of art and architecture. Florentines accepted the utterly vital role that art could play as a propagator of civic, corporate, religious, political and individual identity.

Select one or two of the test case studies [that is, talk about Cosimo or Lorenzo the Magnificent or Savonarola’s impact on Florence or the new Republic under Soderini] from this Module on Art and Politics in Renaissance Florence, and explore your understanding of people in Florence, who was so alive to the power and communication possibilities in works of art, objects, and spaces throughout the city and beyond.

Word count: 600-700 words

No need for citations.


  1. Long Discussion

In this longer discussion forum, create an initial post of 450-500 words that explores these key concepts;

In this discussion post, talk about the political and social messages that you can see in the various works of art commissioned by the Medici, all the while being aware of the debate that was circulating about power and religion. If the content of the work of art is religious, how does the work convey political messages?

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