Impact of social media on a company’s image

Impact of social media on a company’s image

Need an research paper on the usage and impact of social media on a companys image and reputation. Needs to be 11 pages. Please no plagiarism. Social media is another platform from which the company’s feedback about any particular product from the customer’s end can be obtained. This feedback is essential for further future growth, maintaining competitiveness within the industry, and improvement can be made if there are any loopholes in the products or services. Suggestions from customers will also be an excellent way of improving the business. Without given customer-oriented services, no company can establish a stable position in the tough competitive market. The suggestion from the customer’s end will help in this work. A good reputation can be formed using social media as only the complimentary messages are shared through it. But there are some adverse effects also that a company can face while using this media. Suppose someone intentionally uses any wrong words or provide any false statement which is against the business and marketing activities of a company. In that case, that will be spread to mass within a few seconds. A destructive impact will be felt on the company’s services or products, and simultaneously a bad image will be created. In such a situation company has to tackle the situation in an intelligent way. Always a company should stay clear to its customers. Proper and timely clarification and justification will help to handle these unwanted situations. Apart from this disadvantage, there are plenty of several opportunities that can be got while using social media to better the business.

Evian Water Company is a French multinational company that produces luxury mineral water bottles. Danone Group owns the company. Many businesses like organic skincare products, luxury resort business under the ‘Evian’ brand name. Danone Group launched the product of water as an expensive and luxury bottled water product in the market. The company uses the sound source for getting raw materials and good quality of water and also uses the state of art bottling technique in the manufacturing process. The source of getting water as raw material is Cachet. Here water emerges from a tunnel in the mountain. The temperature is 52.88 degrees F while getting the water. The source is created from snowmelt and rainwater (Shiva, 2002). Evian water is recognized as the world’s number one premium water, which is dominated by the world’s bottled drinking water market. Evian is such a kind of brand that can be used undoubtedly when mothers feed their newborn babies. Their promotional tag line is “The only water for babies.”&nbsp.

Homework 2

Compose a 2250 words assignment on effects of media upon children and their behavior in the real life. Needs to be plagiarism free! Television in the current era plays a significant role in children. Almost all of them spend four to six hours a day watching TV. There are numerous channels launched from all over the world, out of which few are informative and educating, and some merely affect the children’s nature. While watching their favorite shows, they also come across advertisements for sexual protection or hygienic products. In those advertisements, the usage is openly shown. Sometimes, parents do not worry about what their children watch. they also take them to the movies without realizing that their children will be influenced (Gentile 23).

Children tend to be very inspired by movies and movie characters. Films about national heroes, army, patriots, and scientists influence them to study and increase their innovative thinking. They try to learn and to become like them. On the other hand, movies also become a significant reason for aggressiveness, frequent nightmares, and negativity. There is some evidence that confirms the substantial adverse effects of media on children. It has been found that many children adopt the attitude of aggression as a result of being influenced by television programs. &nbsp.

Some weeks ago, my mother, who is a psychologist, had an 8-year-old patient. That young boy started acting inadequately in response to everyday things. He stopped talking with everybody. His parents were anxious because he misbehaved. Whenever his parents gave him anything to eat or play with, he looked at them in a very pathetic way. After full observation and analysis, my mother advised his parents to control what he watches on TV. The conclusion was that the boy used to watch Mr. Bean because he started acting like him frequently. There should be limited timing for children to watch television.

To date, children spend too much of their time with these different forms of media. Television has changed the American child from an irresistible force to an immovable object. Watching wrestling also influences kids to behave like wrestlers. They learn their styles and actions. In schools, they try these things on their peers (Evra 59).