Identify and profile the internal audience(s) you wish to reach.  Develop the messages that are central to the audience(s). 

Choose an organization of which you have been a member. An organization may be a family, business, or place at which you have volunteered, such as a nonprofit. Describe a specific problem that occurred in that organization and was not handled effectively. The problem could be an ongoing issue or a single incident and may be a major problem or a less serious one (however, it should be an important issue that required that a change be made in the organization). Provide a 1- or 2-sentence rationale for your problem choice. Identify three of the seven processes discussed in the course

  • Determine the goal(s) of the communication(s).
  • Identify and profile the internal audience(s) you wish to reach.
  • Develop the messages that are central to the audience(s).
  • Select the communication channels you will employ.
  • Choose the communication activities and materials you will execute.
  • Identify any internal or external partnerships that are crucial to the success of your goal(s). For example, are there any internal departments in the organization you will need to cooperate with in order to make your communication strategy a success? Describe the ways in which you will secure this cooperation.I’m so busy with my vacation business, i do not have much time to research this topic, pls help me to review this question and guide me some idea for my essay solution. in case I have to pay more fee for support. i agree with your great help. thanks Tutor.Question:McKinsey & Company is a leading management consulting firm. The company publishes McKinsey Quarterly, an online journal, which features current thinking on business strategy. Go to, find the search box on the right-hand side of the website, and conduct a search for articles on “strategy implementation.” Select a recent article on this topic, and briefly outline the key insights that the article provides. Respond to the following questions as well.

    1. How would the tendency of business-to-business operations to develop close-knit relationships and partnerships affect their strategy development?

    2. Describe how global expansion interrelates with strategic planning.

    3. List the ethical implications involved with the development of a strategic plan.