I.T. Training strategies for healthcare

I.T. Projects Part I
As a healthcare leader, it is vital to realize that I.T. projects may require
interprofessional collaboration to design systems or improve workflow. Unfortunately,
many I.T. projects are produced in silos despite acknowledging the need for integrated
systems. This may lead to distortions in system implementation and/or adoption due to
a lack of broad-based input, especially from end-users. To alleviate this risk, hospitals
should create specific roles, such as Clinical I.T. analysts, to help reduce the gap
between the technical and clinical world.
As a healthcare leader, it is important to know how to position your organization and
particularly your workforce in keeping up with ongoing I.T. processes and workflow
As a healthcare leader, you must be able to identify resources available for health
information technology training and evaluate the effectiveness of the training.
Luckily, there are available resources such as the Workforce Development Program that
contains health I.T. instructional materials funded by O.N.C. The Workforce
Components include an updated and expanded set of Health I.T. instructional materials
to assist healthcare workers remain current in the changing healthcare environment.
Training materials, tips, and educational opportunities are available to ensure your
organization is ready for EHR implementation.
Evaluate I.T. Training strategies for healthcare workforces.
Include the following aspects in the assignment:

• Access the workforce Development Programs page and download a Component
unit title of your choice
• Justify the importance of your chosen training for your workforce
• Critique the usefulness of the educational materials
• Using the text Chapter resources, explain which strategy would work best in
evaluating your H.I.T. training effectiveness for your component
• This is a formal paper with a minimum of three pages of minimal length. Each
bullet must be thoroughly explored. At all times, proper sentence structure,
grammar, and spelling are required. Grammarly is a free tool to assist you. All
references must be placed.
• Assignment must be Minimum of 3 pages
I.T. Projects Part II
The final project for this course will be created each week. Each assignment will lead to
a second assignment that adds to the PPT slide deck. In this manner, you create the
final project as you progress through the course. This model provides for deeper
learning and a more rigorous final project.
Create PPT slides based upon assignment part I.
Include the following aspects in the assignment:
• Construct 5 PPT slides to illustrate your content and tools from part 1
• Add speakers notes as needed
• Follow the rules of good PPT slide construction
• Submit the slides for grading and feedback
• File to slides to add to the final presentation