I Need help analyzing a scenario. “computers Information System” field



Write a memo to me using Word.  Your memo (limit 1 page) must provide your analysis and solution for the scenario below.  Your memo should define the problem and clearly explain your analysis of the problem to determine the solution requirements.  Then provide the solution showing and explaining the calculations.  Also explain fully whether the resulting cost is tangible or intangible.  Your report will be viewed as a printed document for grading, make sure it formatted for printing.




During the course of processing engineering test samples, it was discovered that considerable data are being redundantly typed and filed. An analysis reveals that the same data may be reentered up to four times, requiring an average of 29 unnecessary minutes of data entry work and filing per sample. The office processes an average of 14,500 samples per year. Assuming the average data entry/filing person in the office makes $11.50 per hour; determine the cost of the problem.



The first 5 chapters of this book my help you analyzing this:


“Modern Systems Analysis and Design, by Hoffer, George & Valacich, Pearson 2014”