Human Resource Development

Assignment 3: Development of a Research Scenario

Mixed Methods


Develop a hypothetical research scenario that would necessitate the use of any approach and design utilized for mixed methods examinations. The quantitative methods aspects can be either experimental or quasi-experimental research.


Your paper should include the following elements:


Research Questions

Develop one quantitative research question and one central qualitative research question. A research question should adhere to the following guidelines: (a) formation of question or questions are based on theory, previous research (i.e., the literature review), and experience; (b) stated in the form of a question; and (c) are focused and clear (i.e., specific and feasible).

            Quantitative. Specify the specific variables to test (e.g., What is the relationship between the perception of the new educational initiative and job satisfaction?).

            Qualitative. Specify a concise open-ended question that begins with what or how and use verbs such as discover, explore, or understand. Example: (central question) How did the employees respond to the new educational initiative? (subquestion) What were the employees’ experiences with the initiative?   

            Mixed method. Specify an explicit question so that the data can be analyzed to address the specific mixed method design chosen. For example, if a triangulation approach with a convergence design was chosen then the question would be, “To what extent does the quantitative and qualitative data converge? How and why?”


Approach and Design

In 2-3 sentences describe the approach and design that will be used to answer the research questions and create the appropriate diagram. Example: An explanatory-sequential approach and a follow-up explanations design will be utilized to answer the stated research questions as seen in Figure 1.


Human Resource Development

Assignment 2: Quality and Performance Improvement

Develop an 8-page paper on the topic of quality and performance improvement. Focus your responses on the following:

a)Review the literature on performance improvement. Based on your readings, discuss how performance appraising, ranking, rewarding,and self-evaluation can impact employee quality and performance. Is your organization consistent with current practices and if not, how can you assist with implementing changes?

b)Be sure to cite scholarly references. Summarize with suggestions to improve performance within your organization. Cite 5-7 scholarly journals or articles.

human resource development

Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Human Resource Development–.As Coates (2010) explains, acquiring new knowledge, attitudes and skill sets in one environment and applying them in another may be af

Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Human Resource Development–.

As Coates (2010) explains, acquiring new knowledge, attitudes and skill sets in one environment and applying them in another may be affected by several factors. Effective and the experience of the trainer is a very essential factor in influencing the training transfer to job places. Any trainer must be a fluent and effective communicator (Coates, 2010). This facilitates the conversations and ensures the learners’ needs are met, a clear and effective presentation of the material that makes the information interesting. Another factor is the in-class and out-class practice. More of this practice ensures the learner gains enough experience of handling cases, and it is easier to transfer the training to workplaces in case a similar case appears as to that tackled during the practices (Coates, 2010). An organization should also mount some quality pressure on the trained employees to work as of their acquired knowledge and towards the set goal of the organization. This will ensure that the employees apply their learnt skills at their workplaces effectively.

Needs assessment are usually conducted so as to facilitate the growth of employees of a company in terms of the knowledge and skills they possess. This helps the organization to know the type of employees in the organization, how to train them and what they need to be motivated. According to Barbazette (2004), a needs assessment is conducted to link a deficiency in performance to a desired result and ensure that appropriate training is formulated and conducted to combat the problems caused by the deficiency. To do this, an organization needs to analyze their needs and wants by conducting a performance analysis to identify which skill shortcomings can be bridged through training. To conduct a training needs assessment, an organization will have to first gather information for aiding in appropriate