Hs415 environmental health | Biology homework help


Course Outcomes

HS415-4: Analyze how the major organizations involved in environmental and occupational health use environmental justice to improve population health.

GEL7.02: Apply ethical reasoning to ethical issues within the field of environmental health.


For several decades, governmental policy makers have passed legislation and created policies that integrate environmental justice into governmental agency rules and regulations in an attempt to eliminate environmental injustices. While the intention is a step in the right direction, instructions on how to implement these laws has been largely ignored.

Eleven United States Governmental Agencies signed the Memorandum of Understanding on Environmental Justice and Executive Order 12898.

For the Unit 7 Assignment, read over the Memorandum of Understanding on Environmental Justice and Executive Order 12898 in Course Documents. Choose one of the federal agencies that signed the MOU on Environmental Justice. Research what the agency has done to comply with the MOU and answer the questions in the Unit 7 Environmental Justice Worksheet found in the Unit 7 Assignment Materials in the Course Documents.


The worksheet needs to include at least three (3) references, which may include the assigned reading material for Unit 7. 

Submitting your Assignment

Your paper must be submitted in a Microsoft® Word® file. Save the document with the proper naming convention, using the last name listed in the grade book: lastname_HS415_Unit7.docx

Submit your file to the Unit 7 Assignment 1 Dropbox.

To view your graded work, come back to the Dropbox or go to the Grades tab after your instructor has evaluated it. Make sure that you save a copy of your submitted presentation.