How to do case study homework

How to do case study homework

Case Study Scenario Part 2


Part 2


Jenny: I do not know Rhonda, something about this just does not seem right to me. Should I teach the biopsych course even though I have had almost no experience? I mean, why me?


Rhonda: Yeah, have you ever noticed how whenever a problem crops up at the last minute, it is always up to one of us to come in and save the day?


Jenny: I just do not get it. None of the full professors ever gets overloaded like this. Why did Ben not go to Alan? Do you think it is because we are not full professors yet or maybe it is because we are women?


Rhonda: I do not know. It seems like an old boys club to me. I bet if they asked Alan teach the class they would have offered to pay to pay him something extra. They did not offer to pay you something extra, did they?


Jenny: No, of course not.


Rhonda: See what I mean?


Jenny: Yeah, (sigh) something about it just is not right.


Review Part 1


Ben: Good Morning Jenny. Are you interruptible?


Jenny: Oh hi Ben. (friendly and teasing), nice surprise. Well, I was just prepping for my upcoming course, but for the department chair I am sure I can take a few minutes.


Ben: Well, I certainly appreciate the time, professor. I wish I had good news. Have you heard about Stan? His wife Julia just had a stroke yesterday.


Jenny: Oh my god, that is terrible!


Ben:I know. It truly is just awful. They think she will be okay but she is probably going to need lots of therapy. Stan is going to take the semester off to help out with her and the kids.


Jenny: Oh what a nightmare. Poor Julia, and Stan and the kids.


Ben: I know, that is why I am here. It leaves us shorthanded here too. Stan was going to teach biopsychology this semester and now he will not be able to. I was hoping you could step in and teach the course.


Jenny: (apprehensive) Oh my, well I do not know Ben, I am really not sure. I only had one biospych course myself as an undergrad…


Ben: No need to worry, we can get all the syllabus and all the material information from Stan and I bet you would do a great job. Listen, there we have got fifteen students who need to that course to graduate. We cannot let them down.


Jenny: That is a sticky situation, Ben but I am just not sure…


Ben: Oh you will be fine. You are still interested in that full-time position when Professor Lee retires, right? Oh by the way, I need to know your answer by 3:00 today whether or not you can teach the course. If not I need to find anotehr professor.


Jenny: Okay Ben. Let me think about it and I will get back to you today.




Subject Matter Expert:


Bethany A. Lohr, Ph.D. LP; La Keita D. Carter, PsyD


Media Instructional Designer:


Peter Lindner


Instructional Designer:


Tina Houareau




Pat Lapinski


Interactive Designer:


Jay Austin


Interactive Developer:


Peter Hentges




View part two of the case study scenario in this unit’s studies and then answer the following discussion questions:


  • Compare this scenario to the one for the Unit 1 discussion. Are there different ethical and legal concerns? If so, specifically identify the ethical standards that apply.
  • Are there multicultural and personal concerns?
  • How could you use consultation in this situation?


Make use of scholarly materials to support your observations.


Response Guidelines


Given the additional information you have viewed, compare and contrast your response with that of your peers. Discuss how your perspectives have changed based on the information you learned. Where do you agree? Differ?


Refer to scholarly sources to support your observations where possible.


Note: Remember, all of your discussion posts are expected to be written at a graduate level, be free from typos and spelling errors, and follow standard English grammar. You will need to support your points with in-text citations and references in APA style. This may include your readings for this course, but also outside scholarly sources that you obtain relevant to this discussion from our library.