1. Lewis Blackman’s story

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Lewis Blackman’s story is one that has been repeated in healthcare many times.  There are many opportunities to react and respond to the errors in this story. Link provided




Respond to this question Lewis Blackmans story:

Why did the hospital not debrief the family, why did no one talk to the family about this situation?


-Then Select only one of the questions below and discuss.


1) 20:36 Minutes Thread Question: What mechanisms, processes or tools can institutions put in place to provide patients and families a better understanding of the hierarchy or “chain of command” and how is it accessed?

2) 22:28 Minutes Thread Question: How do we create a culture in health care where “calling for help”  is  not seen as a sign of weakness but as a symbol of “Safety Excellence”?

3) 24:04 Minutes Thread Question: How can we better listen to patients and families, what can we put into place to keep the voice of patients and families available?

4) 26:18 Minutes Thread Question: How can caregivers avoid premature closure or over confidence in their treatment and care delivery approach?

5) 32:48 Minutes Thread Question: What mechanisms, processes or tools can caregivers use to encourage mindfulness?

6) 41:40 Minutes Thread Question: What should patients and families expect from caregivers when harm has resulted? How do we assure these expectations are met?