How did Paul defend himself

ACTS CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE: How did Paul defend himself before Festus?

  1. What did Festus declare to King Agrippa in Paul’s defense?


  1. What was Paul permitted to do?
  2. What did all the Jews know about Paul?
  3. The Pharisees were the straightest ____________________________________.
  4. What question did Paul ask Agrippa about the resurrection?
  5. Why did Jesus say he had appeared to Paul?
  6. For what four things was Paul sent to the Gentiles?
  7. What question did Paul ask Agrippa?
  8. How did Agrippa answer Paul?
  9. What did Paul wish concerning Agrippa and those who heard him?
  10. What did Agrippa, Bernice, and Festus say when they were gone aside?


  1. Paul was delivered to___________________________ to be taken to Italy.
  2. ______________________, a Macedonian, was with Paul’s company.
  3. How did Julius treat Paul at Sidon?
  4. Why did they sail under Cyprus?
  5. They intended to winter at _______________________ on _______________-.
  6. Who stood by Paul in the night? What did he say?


  1. _________________ was the name of the island where they were safe from the shipwreck.
  2. What kind of people lived there?
  3. When did a viper bite Paul?
  4. What did the people reason regarding the snake biting Paul?
  5. What did the people expect to happen to Paul?
  6. After Miletus they landed at ______________ then to _____________________ and came to __________________ where they stayed __________ days.
  7. How did Paul live in Rome?
  8. What three things did Paul do in his own hired house?
  9. Define openness (28:31)