Strategic decision making

Most people in business on most days deal with company tactics and decision at a level that is not strategic. However, every decision made by every employee in a company utilizes impacts excess strategy for that company. As pointed out by Malcolm Gladwell in his book,  “The Tipping Point”, it is a collection of thousands of decisions all aimed in relatively the same direction, the can lead a company to the achievement of a strategy”. How can you decide what type of decision is strategic? In your discussion, bring in articles or research from various sources to justify your position on this topic.

  • Please support your comments from peer reviewed articles and research on this subject.
  • Please cite the research, as well as a reference page at the end of the  assignment.
  • The paper should be no shorter than four (4) pages and no longer than six (6) full pages of material.
  • This does not include the title page and reference page.

Remember this paper must be in APA style.