Hn502 unit 6 assignment | Sociology homework help

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I need help in completing the following Assignment:


Discuss historical and current legislation affecting human service delivery.

For the Assignment, you are going to choose historical and/or current laws that impact a culturally diverse group. Please do the following:

1. Choose a culturally diverse group you have learned about so far (Native Americans, South Asian Americans, Bicultural children and families, Latino/a Americans, Arab/Muslim Americans, and African Americans). Explain why you chose that group.

2. Choose a historical and/or current law. Describe the law in details.

3. Explain how the law you have chosen impacts the culturally diverse group.

4. Recommend changes to the current law that negatively impact your chosen culturally diverse group.

5. What represents a good and bad law when it comes to regulating actions of culturally diverse groups? Explain your answer.

6. Explain why multiculturalism and diversity are important for Human Services Professionals when assessing your chosen law among culturally diverse groups both nationally and internationally.

7. Describe the importance of understanding global perspectives in your cross-cultural work with your chosen group and how this perspective can help in your service delivery.

Provide appropriate citations and references in APA Style formatting to reference the text or any other outside source in your answers. Your assignment should be 3–4 pages long.  Your writing should be in Standard American English and be clear and specific with few errors. 

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