hellosign/helloworld assessment | Information Systems homework help

Technical Support Engineer Assessment

Please complete these exercises independently to the best of your ability. 

1. Imagine that you are a Technical Support Engineer at Dropbox, responding to an actual customer. 

Customer: “I’m interested in Dropbox, could you tell me more? I want to understand how I can leverage your HelloSign product to automate my signing workflow?”

Please feel free to use our HelloSign Help Center to help craft your response: https://faq.hellosign.com/hc/en-us. 

2. HelloWorks Rental Application 

You will be using HelloWorks to create a simple rental application. (Sign up for a free account at helloworks.com.) You will need to collect the following information from the prospective tenant:

– Name

– Phone number

– Email Address

– Current Address

– Social security number

– You will also need to have them sign and date the application.

Since you will be using this form for many tenants, you will want to pre-fill some fields each time before you send it to a new tenant.  HelloWorks provides simple functionality to do this. Specifically, you will want to include these two fields on your form and make them fillable with unique data each time you send the form for signature:

– Landlord name

– Property address

3. HelloWorks Rental Application update

The rental agency you are working with has decided to allow a small dog in rental units. Please add two questions: a) Does the prospective tenant have a dog? and 2) A multiple choice dropdown for the dog’s weight with the following options: 5-10 lbs, 11-20, 21-30, 31-40 and over 40lbs.

If the tenant answers that they have a dog and the dog is any choice under 40 pounds, show them the following text: “A pet deposit of $250 will be added to the security deposit.” Otherwise, show them the message “Sorry, dogs over 40 pounds are not allowed at this time.”

I am not sure if you will be able to send me this directly from the Helloword software for submission. Please provide me detailed steps and screenshots for the rental application questions.