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Health Promotion Editorial Assignment

Print media offers professionals the opportunity to publish “opinion pieces” that spark debate on topics of interest to the community such as health care. For this assignment, you should select a health promotion topic of interest to you that is applicable to adults.

You are to format a health promotion idea into a “guest editorial” like you would do if submitting your idea to the local print media. There is a limit of 350 words for this assignment. You should have an opening statement that articulates your health promotion focus and your imaginative idea! The body of the narrative should provide statistics to help promote your strategy and use an inductive approach to convince the reader why he or she would follow your advice. Be sure to save your strongest argument to the end which will help to conclude the editorial.

You will have a cover page with your name and the topic of your health promotion editorial.

The narrative will be on the next page and is limited to 350 words – at the bottom of your reference page, state the number of words in the body of your assignment. Do not count your cover page or your reference list words. Do not cite your references in the body of the narrative in the editorial – only on the reference list as these will take up many words in your word count.

This assignment will be written using 12-pt font, double-spaced. Your references will be in APA 7th format on a separate page after your narrative