Hcmg 770 assingment help case 7 | strategic management in health care | Davenport University

Case Study: Case 7–Humana’s Bold Goal: 20% Healthier by 2020. I need the paper done in the next 8 hours

1. Be sure to review ‘Resource 1’ in the text for tips to apply in case analysis.

2. Consider yourself to be a consultant the firm has called in to help assess and provide direction to resolve issues.

3. You will want to identify 2-3 problem areas and how they impact the organization. Consider 2-4 solutions through course readings, research, and your experience. TIPYou will not be answering the specific case questions but should keep them in mind in your review and analysis to be able to address some of those elements.  

4. Your APA format paper should include the following main headings: 

a. Introduction

b. Key Issues 

c. Situation Analysis 

d. Organizational Strategy 

e. Implementation Plan

f. Benchmarks to Measure Success

5. Three recent peer-reviewed library journal articles need to be applied to show scholarly research in your work.  The body of paper should be 3-4 pages (not counting the title page or reference list). 

6. Review the case study rubric that will be used to grade your submission