Has the pandemic of the coronavirus affected your sense of identity? If so how? If not why not? Has the presence of the coronavirus pandemic affected the way you engage in interpersonal relationships? How?

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Read Chapter 4 of the course text, How To Improve Your Interpersonal Communication Skills.
https://grossmont.grlcontent.com/improvecomskills/… this is the website to the book the login info are username;adibashammas@yahoo.com / password; Larson2020!
Explore the learning tools included in the chapter.
Based on your understanding of the chapter respond to the following questions:

Has the pandemic of the coronavirus affected your sense of identity? If so how? If not why not?
Has the presence of the coronavirus pandemic affected the way you engage in interpersonal relationships? How?
If the coronavirus pandemic has not affected the way you engage in interpersonal relationships explain why not?
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Original threads/posts should be at least 400-500 words total and have a least one clear and connected textbook reference from the specified chapter with a proper citation (chapter number, page number).
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