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Government and Politics

Respond to the following questions (About 2-3 paragraphs each) 1. After reflecting upon liberation movements (e.g., the civil rights movement, women’s suffrage movement, etc.), select one of the following forms of government. And, discuss how that particular form of government (e.g., monarchy, oligarchy, dictatorship, and democracy could unjustly prevent those liberation movements from achieving their sought-after freedoms. Include textual evidence to support your view. 2. In your view, what is required of a society for its political structure to be considered democratic? While this question might seem straightforward, it actually is not and is a topic of contentious debate in current political philosophy circles. In fact, The Democracy Index lists 60 different indicators that must be considered when discerning whether a nation is a democracy. While you in no way will be expected to discuss all of the possible indicators, discuss a few of the conditions that must exist for a government to qualify as a democracy. Include textual evidence to support your view.