1. Family Life Education

Family Life Education (FLE) Project Part III
HSL 3853 Child Development Practicum
FLE is any organized effort to provide family members with information, skills, experiences, or resources intended
to strengthen, improve or enrich their family experience (www.ncfr.org). Educational programs are effective in
providing information to individuals, families, and communities. In order to develop and facilitate programming
you need to have familiarity with both the content that needs to delivered, and what type of program design is the
most effective in delivering that content.


For Part III, complete the educational item that was approved.
(webinar, infographic, blog, Facebook Live activity, bulletin board, detailed newsletter, activity, etc.)
• Submit your completed product to the Part III Dropbox
• Post your completed product to the Discussion Board
o If your project was a bulletin board, activity, Facebook live, etc. you will take a picture of your project
to submit
• Review your peer’s projects that are posted on the Discussion Board and provide feedback on a minimum
of TWO projects