Federal State balance law homework

Federal State balance law homework


1. According to which school of thought is law the command of a sovereign?

2. According to the legal realist school of thought, _____.

3. The historical school of law _____.

4. A code-law system _____.

5. The _____ would use the law to overturn the hierarchical structures of domination in the modern society.

6. State and local courts must honor both federal law and the laws of the other states. Which of the following is true?

7. Which of the following about the federal court system is true?

8. Identify the correct statement about the Federal-State balance.

9. Which of the following principles implies that the same parties can not take up the same dispute in another court at another time?

10. Which of the following is true about alternative methods of resolving disputes?

11. Based on the supremacy clause, the _____ holds that state and federal laws that conflict must yield to the superior law, which is federal law.

12. Article I of the Constitution deals with _____.

13. The _____ clause of the Fifth Amendment ensures that the government does not take private property without just compensation.

14. When Congress uses its power under the commerce clause, it can expressly state that it wishes to have _____.

15. The power of small states is magnified by the Senate’s _____, which currently requires 60 out of 100 senators to vote to bring a bill to the floor for an up-or-down vote.

16. Which of the following is an ideal condition for a free market?

17. The _____ establishes an agency’s authority in a particular area of the economy.

18. The _____ governs all agency procedures in both hearings and rulemaking.

19. According to the Freedom of Information Act, _____.


20. An individual or a company may challenge agency action where such action is _____:

21. What are the multilateral treaties sponsored by an international agency known as?

22. In a contract, national or international, the parties may specify the court where any disputes between the parties will be settled. This specification is known as the _____.

23. The _____ doctrine comes into play when courts in two different nation states both have subject matter and personal jurisdiction over the matter.

24. The _____ is a tax imposed on goods when they enter a country.

25. The Supreme Court has enunciated a doctrine governing claims to recover for acts of expropriation. The doctrine is known as the doctrine of _____.

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