Exploring business strategy | Management homework help


 This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes: 

1. Understand the varying types and levels of strategy in an organisation. 

2. Analyse internal and external environments and strategic options available to an organisation. 

3. Demonstrate self-awareness, openness and sensitivity to diversity in terms of people, cultures, business and strategic management issues. 

This assignment is an individual assignment. 

This assignment requires you to write an original essay answering only ONE of the following questions: 

1. “…the determinants of organizational culture are based on profiles of their leaders…” (Miladi 2014). 

Discuss, with reference to an organisation of your choice using the “cultural web”. (100%) 


2. “Differentiation can be a competitive strategy for any organisation” (Majeed 2015). 

Critically discuss this statement with reference to Porter’s generic strategies. Support your argument with relevant examples. (100%) 


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