explanation on diversity and health professional

I have a 700 word research blog due this Sunday. This is part 2 of this assignment. I need someone to write if for me because I will be working the whole weekend and its due tomorrow. Assignment 2.2

I have a 700 word research blog due this Sunday. This is part 2 of this assignment. I need someone to write if for me because I will be working the whole weekend and its due tomorrow.

Assignment 2.2 is the second step of the Diversity and Health Professional Blog assignment. As noted above, there are two (2) due dates for this assignment.Students must submit their work as a reply to the assignment. Work submitted outside of the assignment (e.g., in a separate discussion board) is not eligible for grading, and will not be accepted. The rubric for this assignment can be found by clicking on the menu button in the header of the assignment (the menu is represented by 3 dots).In addition to submitting your Prewriting work to this assignment for review by 2/24/19 by 11:59 PM, you will also submit your Prewriting work to Assignment 2.1: Prewriting before 11:59 PM on 2/24/19.All Peer Reviews are due by Thursday, 2/28/19 by 11:59 PM.All assignments close at 11:59 PM. The phrase “due by 11:59 PM” means assignments must be submitted before 11:59 PM. Assignments not submitted before the assignments close at 11:59 PM will not be accepted.You are expected to submit your work far enough ahead of the deadline that you will be able to cope with and overcome unforeseen challenges.

Overview:  For this peer-review assignment, students will be asked to speak to a number of elements in their peers’ prewriting work. The peer review process for this assignment requires students to take responsibility for providing clear, actionable, helpful feedback to their peers. The prompts for feedback in this assignment are less specific than they were in the peer review assignment for Blog 1, in part because you are now more familiar with the peer review and feedback process, and are therefore able to provide more informed and thoughtful feedback.

For this peer-review assignment, you must:  Submit your own work to the peer review assignment before 11:59 PM on 2/24/19.

Remember: In order for peer review to work, everyone must have something to review, which means everyone must submit something to be reviewed.Submit your prewriting work and feedback as a reply to the assignment. Students who fail to submit their work and/or feedback to the assignment as a reply are ineligible for grading, and their work will not be accepted.Submit your peer reviews as a threaded reply to the writer you are reviewing.Provide clear, thoughtful feedback, and actionable suggestions and recommendations.

Thoughtfully respond to your peers’ questions after completing the rest of the peer review (as detailed below), and provide actionable feedback in regard to your peers’ questions or concerns.Review every submission in your group. Reviews are due before 11:59 PM on 2/28/19.     Peer Review Steps and Requirements:  Step 1: Reading  Always begin each review by first reading the writer’s entire submission. Once you have read the writer’s submission, respond to the prompts below.

Step 2: Response Organization and Formatting  Clearly organize your feedback by creating headings as listed below. Bold and underline each heading title so that they are clear and easy to identify. Your feedback for each section will go under the appropriate heading in regular font (in other words, your feedback under each heading will not be bolded, underlined, or italicized). Create these headings:  Thesis StatementFocusComparative ElementSource Review and FormattingOutline Completeness and FormattingVisual ElementsResponses to Questions (under this heading, you will clearly label “Question 1,” “Question 2,” etc. so that the writer can clearly identify which questions you are responding to)     Step 3: Offering Feedback  You will review the work of all the members in your group. Respond to the feedback prompts below. The prompts are intentionally broad to allow for students to respond thoughtfully using the experience and prior knowledge they bring to this assignment. If you need help figuring out how to respond to a particular section, look back to previous assignment resources for inspiration. For example, if you are unsure of how to begin offering feedback on a writer’s thesis statement, re-visit the UNC Thesis Statement handout that you were required to read for the last assignment.  Your feedback must be clear and thoughtful, and your recommendations must be clear and actionable.  The prompts for each section are listed below:  Thesis Statement  Speak to the writer’s thesis statement.Consider elements such as clarity, conciseness, position, etc.Consider whether it answers the “So what?” and “Who cares?” questions.Offer at least one actionable recommendation.  Focus  Speak to the writer’s focus.Consider elements such as topic manageability and narrowness.Offer at least one actionable recommendation.  Comparative Element  Speak to the writer’s comparative element.Consider the clarity of this element: is the comparison sensible? clear? easy to imagine/understand?Consider the scope of this element: is the scope manageable? overly broad? difficult to comprehend?Offer at least one actionable recommendation.  Source Review and Formatting  Review the writer’s sources by examining/visiting each listed source. Verify each source using the CRAAP Test.Speak to the credibility, relevance, accuracy, usefulness, etc. of the sources.Review and speak to citation formatting.Offer at least one actionable recommendation.  Outline Completeness, Organization, and Formatting  Speak to the writer’s fulfillment of the outline requirements.Speak to the organization of the writer’s work. Consider clarity of organization from your point of view as a reader.Offer at least one actionable recommendation.  Visual Elements  Speak to the writer’s suggested use of visual elements. If the writer does not include any visual elements, speak to that.Consider relevance, utility, reader needs, etc.Offer at least one actionable recommendation.  Responses to Questions  Respond to the writer’s individual questions. (Organize as indicated above.)Offer clear, thoughtful responses, and actionable recommendations.  Step 4: Submit Peer Reviews  Complete and submit your reviews by Thursday, February 28, before 11:59 PM.Submit each review as a threaded reply to each writer’s submission.