Ethics in Micro-Ethical Issues

Ethics in Micro-Ethical Issues

Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: The Pedagogical Strategy of Ethics in Micro-Ethical Issues.

Personal ethical codes with guidance and contribution from the society such as family members, friends, instructors, fellow employees, religious leaders, coaches, and role models aids in the development of the fundamentals identified early in life. From the case study, these codes of ethics must be important in the professional life of an engineer. Ethical codes are not synonymous with individuals and corporate persons, governments, and professions.

As professional, sound ethics is important to the proper growth of an individual professionally. According to Edel, (3), there is basically two questions about the uses of science in ethics: the extent of knowledge and the impact of science on morality. A Poor grasp of ethics issues corporate scandals encountered in the professional lives is as a result of poor handling of the issue.

These corporate scandals can arouse the wrath of the public damaging the career and corporate profile of the institutions that have failed to deal with the issue. Just like in other professions, an engineer’s failure to honor ethical duties of care to the public can be the thin line between the protection of an individual’s a society’s and a public’s health, safety, and welfare.

According to (Whitbeck, 161) safe and effective complaint procedures come in a variety of styles. other may in the form formally constituted, while others merely happen, in a de facto style. The engineer is entrusted with a high degree of responsibility, and such trust, reputation, competencies, and credibility must accompany the hardware and software tools that the engineers carry in their normal professional practice. From the case study shown by the short film, engineers need a professional code of ethics.

The engineering profession has not escaped the scandals that have affected other professions. In the business world, high public scandals such as Enron, amongst others have dominated their airwaves exposing unethical practices, which in turn lead many to lose huge investments.

Philosophy Homework

Topic – The Mind Body Connection The physical health of a person is largely connected to his emotional status .If one is stressed emotionally then itcan trigger a lot of health hazards in him. Emotional stressors are major cause of illnesses and anxiety and excessive worrying is a part of it. A stressed person can release stress hormones called cortisol from nervous system and this hormones can enhance the production of blood sugar levels and can give rise to many unhealthy conditions. These health problems come in the form dizziness, dry mouth, fast heartbeat, headache, fatigue and so on. It should be understood that our physical health is strongly connected to our psychological health. This is because it is the nervous system and brain which is the principal co – coordinator in the physical functioning of our body.

All the bodily organs function with the aid of brain and nervous system. Moreover our mind’s balance is what makes us an healthy person. The negative emotions like anger, aggression and fear can destroy mental and physical health. In case of stressors, the most effective tool to control it is physical activity. Everybody come across stress in their daily life and physical activity releases hormones to stabilize the stress factor in people. While exercising the body produces endorphins which act as a natural painkiller and also energize a person. The exercise impacts the brain and decreases the fatigue and increase the concentration and alertness of a person. Exercise increases the blood flow to the brain and this refresh the brain and nervous system which give rise to healthy mental condition.