Ethical dilemma homework help

Ethical dilemma homework help

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses sales ethics : sales person’s dilemma.

If I were Janet I would not accept the business deal offered by Sy Abell as it would be unethical and unprofessional behavior. Abell’s offer is conflicting with the ethical and moral standards, as it requires unethical behavior towards its key competitor, the owner of the jewelry store, Harry Godowski. Janet has already established good and reliable relationships with Mr. Godowski and the fact that he invests 100% of his marketing budget to The Daily News is a strong argument. Warner’s statement that “it is not smart business to undo a trusting relationship and bite the hand that will feed your company in future years” is perfectly applicable to this situation (Warner, Chapter 3, p. 2). By cheating and gouging Janet will jeopardize revenue of the company and there is no guarantee that Sy Abell and the company he represents will become The Daily News’ client in the long-term perspective. Janet, being a salesperson, should act ethically in order to increase her self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-image. This behavior will give positive results to both Janet and the company she works for.

In case if the deal is taken, it would be necessary to tell something to Harry Godowski. While it will be possible to say it when Mr. Godowski sees the Hess banners above his on the Daily News website, but I suggest that it would be helpful to apply the principles of Emotional Intelligence and ethics, and inform him before the Hess banners are placed on the website. It will be necessary to communicate a sense of caring for Mr. Godowski while informing him about the news. Also, it might be logical to offer him an alternative solution and explain the benefits of this solution. May be, there could be developed some exclusive offer to Mr. Godowski which will keep him satisfied with the Daily News.

If I do not take the deal offered by Sy Abell, I would need to give proper arguments to my sales manager.

Management homework help

Write 1 page with APA style on Conclusion for Management Project

We decided to choose the School of Rock movie because everybody had seen it. The schedule was finalized until the second week. We had a balanced group structure wherein the communication flow was very efficient. We had unintentionally established some SMART goals for the team prior to knowing the full definition. The time-bound goal was a specific goal for our team. Our group’s most frequently used style was the collaborative approach style. We had no conflicts except for a minor conflict about matching the schedules we had prepared. However, our frequent communication with the emails enabled us to understand one another’s viewpoints and eliminate the misunderstandings. The email was a powerful tool in our communication as we used it to share ideas and other group related materials with one another. We all got along really well and respected each other. Maintaining the schedule and finishing the project upon a time was a big challenge for our group

Reflection paper Assignment

Provide a 8 pages analysis while answering the following question: Studying of Genetically Modified Food. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide

Other studies resist widespread and implementation of the technology because of concerns that GMO foods can cross biological boundaries and cause harm to humans and the environment. Besides safety and environmental aspects, the topic draws a lot of socio-economic concerns, public knowledge and attitude, confidence in decision-making institutions and ethical concerns that shape consumer perceptions of the risks posed by GM foods. Public opinion is a force that should have been taken into account if gene engineering needed to be successful in developing new product especially the controversial GM foods. The issue of GM food is made complex by the various interested groups, the different perceptions of risk and reward as well as the conflicting perceptions regarding the benefits and costs associated with the controversial products. The answers behind the controversy are complicated ranging from ethical to religious to even potential health and safety impacts posed by the technology in GM foods.

Supporters of the genetic modification in foods highlight the premise that the technology is capable of meeting not only the basic food needs of the society but also achieving nutritional, environmental and economic benefits to the consumers. Skeptics of GM foods consider this to unnecessary interference with nature that poses unknown and potentially catastrophic consequences. According to Hossain et al (2003), regardless of the potential of GM foods, they have received mixed regulatory and public acceptance within the US and other parts of the world. Moreover, regardless of the prevailing technological challenges, consumer acceptance of GM foods remains an essential factor that determines the future of the technology. This stems from the scarcity of reliable information regarding consumer awareness and perception concerning the significant subject. Based on a sample population of students, Hossain et al (2003) found the students were reluctant to consume food with GM ingredients based on the safety concerns of GM foods.