eng280 stand up nation paper

You will find the topics and guidelines for the first paper somewhere below:

1.Write about humor and comedy as concepts within our culture. What is their place? How has their perception changed over the years? What kinds of messages or comments are they making? What role do they fill in your life? And further, how does stand-up comedy fit into the overall comedy equation in terms of its impact on our culture, and how has our culture influenced stand-up? You know… shit like that!

2.Choose any comedian – either one we watched or one we haven’t – and compare and contrast their material/message with that of a more “legitimate” public figure (politician, pundit, commentator, activist, philosopher, author, civil rights figure, TV host, world leader, etc). How do they line-up? Where do they diverge? Where do you stand, and why is one generally perceived as more credible?

3.Language has certainly proliferated, if not deteriorated since Carlin’s “Seven Dirty Words.” Put yourself in Carlin’s shoes and examine the current state of language: its contradictions, its inconsistencies, its peculiarities. Break down particular words, phrases, patterns, or tendencies to determine what they mean and why they matter to our culture and society.

4.Write about whatever you want concerning the topic of stand-up. I only ask that you clear your rogue topic with me first, so I can make sure you’re not talking out your ass.

I place far more value on original, critical thought than picture perfect grammar and usage. The best paper is the one that brings something new and interesting to the table, and youtube has enough clips for you to support even the craziest ideas. Writing is supposed to be a liberating process, not one that makes you want to punch.

4-5 Pages, Double spaced.

Bring it!