Employment eligibility 300 words | Criminal homework help

Employment in U.S.

To be employed in the U.S., you must complete Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form. This form, required by law under the DHS Act, inspects Form I-9 with a subpoena and enforces the statutes pertaining to the Form I-9. Failure to have an employee complete the Form I-9 can result in civil or criminal fines or prosecution. Failure to maintain and produce Form I-9 for inspection can result in civil or criminal fines or prosecution.

According to the media and government reports, almost all illegal immigrants attempt to penetrate into the mainstream US society to get jobs and housing in order to live. Employment is the force driving most illegal immigration.

Analyze how illegal immigrants go about obtaining jobs. Explain what form(s) must they falsify in order to work?

What jobs are the easiest for illegal immigrants to obtain and thereby blend into US society?

According to you, does an alien who enters legally as a visitor and goes to work violate immigration law?