Effect of Work on the Overall GPA by Students.

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Effect of Work on the Overall GPA by Students. The question remains the influence such part-time employments have on the overall performance of the students. There are a number of variables that need to be captured when handling this research study since it is a bit critical and demanding in terms of experiments and the aggregate analysis. A number of extraneous varies have also been at play and may dilute the expected outcome, recommendations, and conclusion. Some statistical methods have been applied besides econometric methodologies to analyze the relationship between employment time against the time committed for study and the resultant GPA at the end of the study period. Among the statistical tests of significances in the cause-effect relationship between the level of performance and the time put in the part-time

The current research study is aimed at showing the underlying correlation between hours of work compared to study hours for students who are employed and the ones not employed.

Finally, the results of this study will not only help students understand the merits and demerits of having a job while attending school but it can also help them to improve their time management in balancing work and school.

The research design, in this case, measurements of the dependent and the explanatory variable were on a nominal scale. The major effect focused on the hours of work per week each participant have and the amount of time they were able to spend on studying. The subject pool was divided into two groups on whether they are employed or not and was asked a number of questions regarding time of study and outside sources such as time spent on socializing with other people, time spent chatting online, etc. The results obtained from the data were then used in a related sample t-test to compare the influences of each individual’s working hours and outside sources to the time allocated for studying.

Students were given choices for bonus points for responding to the survey at the end of the research. The survey consisted of questions regarding information about personal lives, academic standings, overall GPA (counting credits from other universities/colleges), number of credits taken while in the university, credits taking during the semester, and how the student pay off their college tuition fees. The students were given a period of one week to answer these questionnaires and were collected thereafter. The results were then tallied and compared with respect to those that are working versus those who are not working.