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The Early Childhood Project must include practical classroom applications that could be used in the early childhood setting.   A plan must be approved, resources chosen, an introduction paper written, and a PowerPoint presentation prepared.  Check the Early Childhood Project Grading Rubric for specific grading criteria.

Options for Project Topics:  

Select one of the topics below to complete your Early Childhood Project or submit your own topic to your instructor for approval.

1. Family Involvement.  Develop a family involvement calendar for your preschool program.

a. Write objectives for the program.

b. Develop at least 1 specific activity each month that will involve families and help provide services to them (devote 1 slide to each activity).  Include a Biblical principle for each month’s activity.

c. Include how you might involve fathers, language-minority families, and families of children with disabilities.

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Early Childhood Plan (30 points):  

Using this form, indicate the topic and proposed three scholarly resources for the Early Childhood Project in APA format.  A peer reviewed journal article retrieved from the Liberty Library would be considered a scholarly recourse.  It should be current within the last five years and should relate to your topic and early childhood.  It is assumed that you will use the textbook and NAEYC standards in your project.  These three scholarly references are in addition to the text and NAEYC.org. 

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Resource 1

Resource 2

Resource 3