does a sensitive issue of black peoples discrimination still sour human relations

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Does a Sensitive Issue of Black People’s Discrimination Still Sour Human Relations?

Discrimination, racism, and segregation – unfortunately these words still bear its negative connotation in the life of black people, although the time of slavery is over. More or less this aspect touches many representatives of African Americans affecting not only their lives but also forming their specific, probably negative, attitude towards the society of white people, which allows negligence and humiliation of non-white population. Still, some African Americans have not faced with such treatment. One way or another, racial relations is considered to be an important social issue, which finds reflection in various artists and composers.

The excerpt “You are in the dark, in the car…” represents oppressive position of black people being degraded by white ones whenever and wherever they are. Some cases from the expert demonstrate totally negative attitude of white people towards non-white ones, and a kind of black community, “… newly found uncles and brothers” (Rankine), united for protection of oppressors. So, this aspect manifests negative treatment of African Americans in the modern world of democratic rule.

Julie Herbert’s play “Tree” introduces the issue of siblings among people of different race (Jones). In particular, the author lays emphasis not only on the possibility of such a fact, but on the perception of each other by black and white people and the difficulties through which they come forced by men’s prejudices and misunderstanding of key living concepts. Half-brother and half-sister at last find their relatives and are very glad of this regardless their color of skin. Another aspect of black people’s treatment is desire to maintain contacts with them passing over senseless racial separation.

Tori Morrison’s novel “Tar Baby” appears to be a manifestation of contradictory interracial treatment, which depends on particular racial prejudices and personal human perception of representatives of other ethnicities. There readers can see parallel perception of blacks as equal members of society as well as unequal ones. Although, African Americans are presented in the role of servants, which may be fired on suspicion of robbery (probably due to their skin color), they can also have a nice sense of humor or to be specialists in this or that area being able not only to keep the conversation, but also to give appropriate advice on the needed question. So, even if a “… skin blended well with the dark waters” (Morrison) fears people at first, then after talking to its master, they can change their opinion radically.

Current state of black people and their treatment by whites cannot be perceived clearly. There are definitely race prejudices, which sour relations between different ethnicities and cause even opposition and separation between them. Personal attitude towards representative of other race depends on one’s cultural level and educational background.

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