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Need around 55 words or more with original response: Escape is the reinforcement by the removal of an aversive condition. Punishment on the other hand is punishment by the presentation of an aversive condition. The stimuli in escape condition may be painful or unpleasant causing the want to avoid it. Punishments are used to condition people to not continue negative behaviors. Parents use punishment with their children to stop occurring behaviors. If a child breaks their mother antiques or behaves rudely in a store, the parent may punish their child by taking their toys away or placing them in time out. Punishment is used in operant conditioning and explained by B. F. Skinner. There are two types of punishment. There is negative punishment and positive punishment. Positive punishment is punishment by application, and negative punishment is punishment by removal.


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  • When putting an extinction procedure into a client’s behavior plan, a therapist has to consider side effects. Pick a hypothetical behavior and discuss a possible extinction plan for that behavior including what side effects you might expect and how you would plan for them.