Discuss your experience with the marketing  simulation. What did you learn? What did you achieve? What would you do differently?

Discuss your experience with the marketing  simulation. What did you learn? What did you achieve? What would you do differently?

* Example Answer:

To sum up my experience in one word it would be agonizing.  I say this because I became extremely frustrated throughout my time completing the simulation.  I made many mistakes in the beginning of the simulation and those mistakes demoralized me, making the entire simulation a miserable experience.  I did not have a strategy going into the simulation but after the first period when I made all of my decisions everything I had done worked. Stock was up, revenue was good, I was a marketing genius.  That first period gave me this psuedo confidence that ultimately destroyed me.  Every other period after, Allround, a name that will always give me nightmares, sank lower and lower.  I felt as though I was trying to climb out of a hole where the walls were made of quick sand.  The worst part about it was not only the feeling of dejection, but being forced to write about how miserable I had failed and how I planned to fix it.

During the course of this simulation I was completely reactionary. I had no money to spend because my budget was negative since the 4th period maybe 3rd.  So making decisions did not involve much strategy because I didn’t have any money to spend.  Basically, I had to cut spending in places (primarily advertising) and then try  and use that money to maximize areas that were successful.  It was like trying to revive a zombie, why do when it is already dead.

What did I learn? I honestly think I learned more about life than marketing during the course of this simulation.  I learned that sometimes you are going to have to write about your failures as horrible as it may be.  I learned all the different ways to make a successful company fail.  I learned how funny similes can be when describing misery.  I learned that if I would have done even slight research I could have aced this simulation. But ultimately I learned not to dwell on the past and live for the future. So I will gladly put this experience behind me and never look back.

What did I achieve?  It is hard to say exactly what I achieved, honestly I am not sure.  I achieved a mediocre grade on the simulation.  Something, I am not proud of but own up to.

What would I have done differently?  This is a weighted question I could go into all of the poor decisions I made throughout the simulation assess them and go through the alternate decisions I should have made based on my marketing strategy. I could analyze the products I chose to make for Allround and describe why they were bad choices, but I would be here for a fortnight describing the mistakes for second period alone.  When it comes down to it the only thing I would have changed is the time I decided to do research on this simulation.

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