Develop two objectives designed to achieve the program goal. Each objective should be measurable in terms of time, place, target population, and anticipated increase or decrease.

Part 1 of the Grant Proposal

For the course project, you will write a grant proposal for a nonprofit organization. You will identify a nonprofit that provides a program related to a societal concern you are interested in. You will then pretend you are the grant writer for the nonprofit and write a grant proposal to fund the program on behalf of the selected nonprofit. For the grant proposal you will write:

  • A cover letter to introduce the nonprofit and grant program to the funder
  • A summary of the grant project
  • An appeal section that details how the program relates to the funder’s priorities
  • A needs statement including data to support the community problem exists
  • A one sentence goal statement
  • Two objectives each with the required elements
  • A project narrative that provides the details about the program
  • An annual budget with budget justification and a cash flow budget
  • A closing section
  • A list of appendices

For part 1 of the final project you are asked to complete the following sections:

The Need Statement:

Develop a need statement. In this section, discuss the community issue that the nonprofit program is designed to address and include data that supports the problem exists in the community the program serves. Also identify the nonprofit organization and nonprofit program that will address the community need, and describe the target population or clients the program serves.

Goal Statement and Objectives:

Develop a one sentence goal statement that directly relates to the identified community issue. Use the information you learned in week two to write a concise yet compelling goal statement.

Develop two objectives designed to achieve the program goal. Each objective should be measurable in terms of time, place, target population, and anticipated increase or decrease. The objectives, if achieved, should accomplish the program goal.

Project Narrative:

Provide the project details. This section should include the methods or activities that will be conducted to achieve each objective. There should be information related to the grant activities, personnel, facilities, and any support services needed. A timeline of the project’s activities should be included in this section. Also include a brief explanation of how your goal relates to your need and how your objectives make progress toward your objectives. Use straightforward language and avoid using jargon.

Annual Budget and Budget Justification:

Using the textbook, lectures, and online research, prepare an annual budget and budget justification for your project. The annual budget should be a two column table inserted into your Microsoft Word document. Click here to see a sample annual budget format. The budget should be designed using appropriate line items and their related financial amounts. Use your knowledge of the program and an internet search to determine the appropriate line items and cost amounts to include in the budget.

Cash Flow (or Month-to-Month) Budget:

Using the annual budget as the foundation, prepare a cash flow or month-to-month budget. Make sure that the amounts associated with each line item matches the timing outlined in project narrative. Do not just divide the amount of each line item total by twelve and indicate the same amount will be spent each month for each line item. Make realistic assumptions about the anticipated grant funds disbursements. Prepare the cash flow budget using the Microsoft Excel worksheet provided.

Click here to download the format for preparing the cash flow budget.

Submission Details:

  • Cite all sources and provide references in APA format on a separate page.
  • Name your document with the needs statement, goals and objectives, project narrative, annual budget, and budget justification SU_MPA6105_W3 _LastName_FirstInitial.doc.
  • Name your cash flow budget: SU_MPA6105_W3_LastName_FirstInitial.xls.
  • Submit your document to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned