Develop a feasible research proposal.

Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to the final phase PET Process, translation of evidence, and also the dissemination of evidence. This assignment will help you determine after reviewing the evidence will the changes recommended by the evidence be feasible and appropriate to translate into the clinical setting. If so the next step would be the dissemination of this knowledge to others. The group presentation will provide you the opportunity to disseminate this evidence to the class and practice your professional presentation skills.

This assignment meets the course SLO’s

# 4. Use successful group and learning-team processes in developing a research proposal.

# 5. Develop a feasible research proposal.

# 6. Present a research proposal using written and verbal formats.

Tasks for the Assignment (This is a RECORDED GROUP Assignment)

1. Using the PowerPoint template found in the module the group will develop a presentation on their proposed mock research proposal.

2. The group will use information from the previous assignments to help complete the presentation.

3. Each group will provide the following information on the PowerPoint slides

a. What is the problem you want to solve

b. What is the group’s clinical practice question using the PICO format

c. Literature Search information

d. Level and quality of each research article (4 articles) one slide for each article

e. Synthesize the overall strength and quality of evidence (use SIDE, Synthesis Process, and Recommendations Tool, pp.303–305)

f. Identify recommendations for change based on the evidence synthesis

g. Are the recommendations feasible and appropriate to address the practice question? Explain the rationale for your assessment

4. Each member of the group must speak and record during this presentation.

5. This presentation summary will be submitted via Canvas on the day of the presentation. The team will deliver a 15-20 minute recorded presentation

6. Five points will be deducted if over 20 minutes.

Your group can pre-record your slides by embedding your voice into the PowerPoint slide it is easy to do by following the link below.
Or you can use zoom to record your presentation as well.

Example Presentation Here