Develop a Community Outreach Program Proposal

Public Health Administration


Assignment 4: Community Health Outreach Program Proposal

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Course Objective for Assignment:

  • Develop a public health policy, policy statement, or program, applying concepts, principles, and practices of public health.

Read Ensuring Access in Vulnerable Communities

How to Develop Community Health, Patient Outreach Efforts

Culturally, the United States places great value on individual liberties, arguably more than any other nation on earth. This creates a natural tension between what may be beneficial for the general population and what may infringe on individual rights.

Pick a public health issue from the list you want to develop an outreach plan for

1. Alcohol-related harms

Alcohol Use and Your Health

2. Food safety

CDC and Food Safety

3. Healthcare-associated Infections

HAI Data

4. Heart Disease and Stroke

Heart Disease and Stroke

5. HIV

About HIV

6. Motor Vehicle Injuries

Motor Vehicle Crash Deaths

7. Nutrition, physical activity and obesity

Strategies to Prevent & Manage Obesity

8. Prescription drug overdose

Understanding the Epidemic

9. Teen pregnancy

Reproductive Health: Teen Pregnancy

10. Tobacco use

Current Cigarette Smoking Among Adults in the United States

Develop a Community Outreach Program Proposal (Guidance for writing a successful Community Outreach / Education proposalCommunity Outreach by Dermatology Education (CODE)-example) to target the chosen topic. Make sure to consider who the proposal developer is, who is the target audience, the purpose of the proposal. The structure will be following similar guidelines but the content will differ. A proposal to the hospital Board of Directors will differ from a Grant Proposal or from a proposal for the local Government.

The Proposal should not be longer than 10-12 pages plus the title and reference, cover letter.  Make sure to provide supportive evidence where appropriate. Cite and refer it in APA 7th Edition. The section of Budget should offer suggestions for the funding sources but does not need to be developed in details.